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About me

Adam Bucci here!  I’m an east coaster that resides in LA. I’m an artist, actor and producer and I’m a lover of all things dark, quirky and scary!  Whether it’s through my artwork or in a script I’m developing, having a message of inclusion and equality is extremely important to me.  The idea that the outcast gets to be the hero of the story is key.  The small town weirdo can be the small town hero.

I was a shy kid growing up and I was always afraid to attract attention to myself.  It took me a long time to feel comfortable in my own skin, let alone wearing something that was eye catching. But I love fashion and I wanted to see how I could put my mark on it…literally.  The first time I painted a jacket just for fun and wore it out in public, I immediately felt this surge of confidence. I want to share that feeling of confidence with you!  It is so rewarding to see my artwork walking down the street on someone’s back!


I am not just a horror brand.  Although the genre is my favorite, Small Town Weirdo is about expression.  I like to celebrate the underdog, the super hero, the final girls and boys.  Weirdo to me embraces one’s creativity, one’s otherness. I want people to feel cool to be a weirdo. 

Thank you so much for your support and thanks for cheering me on!

- Adam 

Bucci red hands weirdo.jpg
Marty Hi Res 5000 square_edited.png
final_boy artfile.png
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FINAL Misery edit w Sharpen 8x10_edited.
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