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How long does it take to make a jacket?

Generally it takes 2-3 weeks for smaller designs.  Larger designs may take up to 6 weeks.  Keep in mind there may be a waiting list!

Does Small Town Weirdo supply the jacket?

Short answer...No. 

But always ask me if I have your size/wash in stock.  Sometimes I have some on hand

Always make sure your jacket is NON STRETCH. NO SPANDEX!  100% cotton is best! Ask me if you need help!

Can I return my jacket? Or other merch?

I keep in touch every step of the way while setting up the design and painting to make sure everything is perfect.  Unfortunately I don't accept any returns on custom painted jackets.

I don't accept returns but I'd be happy to exchange Tees for a different size if available.  I do not cover the cost of return shipping and replacement shipping.  

What type of paint do you use?

Fabric Paint! Its washable and flexible. See Care instructions below.

Is the paint permanent?

YES! It's heat set upon completion so it will not come off! If you don't treat it like a good piece of clothing it could scuff, chip or crack.  But rest assured the paint I use is flexible so it wont crack or chip.  It is machine washable but I only recommend spot cleaning (see next question)


How do I clean my jacket?



  • Although paint is machine washable I recommend hand washing/spot treating with cold water/gentle detergent only if you have to.

  • If you MUST machine wash use cold water/gentle detergent  on delicate cycle and wash it inside out

  • Don’t go out of your way to wear in the rain…if it gets wet just pat dry as soon as you can

  • If the jacket gets wrinkled (b/c it can like any other piece of clothing) make sure you use a cloth in between the iron and the design OR iron the inside of the jacket. Keep iron moving so you don’t burn the garment.  I personally use teflon sheets (only a few bucks on amazon) just move the iron around so you don’t burn the fabric.  

  • IRON SETTING SHOULD BE HOT AND WITH NO STEAM! Empty the water from the iron before using!

  • Keep your jacket on a hanger.  Paint is meant to be bendable and not crack but don’t throw it in a ball and shove it on a shelf or in bag!  If you need to fold for travel do it nicely or better yet I’ll come over and do it! Jk lol

  • Don’t hesitate to ask me any other questions:)

Do you only paint on denim jackets or fabric?

Nope! If there's a design you'd like to have on a leather jacket or one you'd like to see done on a canvas let me know! 

How much do they cost?

Prices will vary depending on design size  and jacket type etc.  Generally prices will range from $300 - $2500.  Little designs like a patch size on a jacket or hats will range from $25- $150

Why are jackets so expensive?

They are expensive due to the time it takes to create them. Some jackets take over 50 hours to make, over a 3-6 week long period. Think of it as a designer jacket!


How do you get on the waitlist?

I work in the order of payment received. 

Shipping rates?

  • I ship USPS $15 Flat Rate for Jackets. If size of jacket needs a larger box it could be more.

  • If you're in LA pick up is also an option.

  • For INTERNATIONAL shipping - right now I only ship to the UK and Canada.  There are two USPS options when checking out. 

  • *additional cost for signature confirmation and extra shipping insurance. 

  • Orders UNDER $10 won't have a tracking number included.

What's the best way to wash Tshirts/sweatshirts?

I always recommend cold wash inside out with gentle detergent and Hang dry. For the Bromance, Casey Baby and Queen shirts I recommend hand wash and hang dry.  The acid wash tees need to be washed separately or with like colors. 

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